On Failing Again. And Again. And Again.

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I sit hunched over the glaring glow of my laptop in this piled high laundry wasteland that is my bedroom and I sigh. My roommates are outside in the living room "oo-ing" and "aw-ing" over the latest episode of BBC's Planet Earth II. A creature just narrowly and dramatically escaped the clutches of death from the sounds of it. I can't decide if I yet regret mixing a mug of ice cream with a glass of wine.

The Overly Dramatic Memoir Generator [Reblog]

Happy Sunday! Jacob’s got a fun game that generates the name of your overly dramatic memoir. Mine? Five Black Coin Jars: Memoirs of a War Midwife.

Haha, so head on over, try it out, and leave your overly dramatic memoir in his comments!

That’s So Jacob

One Small BoatThree Little WordsFive Smooth Stones.

Everyone’s read at least one in their life: an overly dramatic, too sappy memoir that is some person’s personal journey to emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual health/perfection/nirvana, and so can you. They show up in book clubs, on summer reading lists, and in psychiatrists’ waiting rooms. And they’re all equally annoying.

Well, guess what? Now, thanks to That’s So Jacob, you can have an instant best-seller with a personalized overly dramatic memoir about your life in a few simple steps!

Behold: That’s So Jacob’s Overly Dramatic Memoir Generator.

  1. Pick the first digit of your phone number. Mine is four.
  2. If you were born between January and June, pick a word that describes the first thing you touch with your left hand. If you were born between July and December, pick the first color you see when you…

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