Hit Us Up

Spam us at mooseandmichelle@gmail.com

Get in on the twatting: @LonelyTribalist
As well as the booking of faces: The Lonely Tribalist
The tumbling: The Lonely Tribalist
And the instant grammifying: @binxasaurus.rex

We love junk mail, so don’t be shy. Drop us a line and tell us what we could be doing better. Or better yet, tell us your favorite terrible joke. We’ll tell you one back.

11 thoughts on “Hit Us Up

  1. We-e-ell, I tried to follow you. I don’t follow anyone just because they follow me, I only follow what I’m likely to have (or make) time to read, but your blog looks interesting. Unfortunately, the system insists that I fill out a box that’s already filled out and won’t let me submit the form. Garrrh.

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