Blog topics you’ll find at The Lonely Tribalist:

  • College: Where I complain about my bad case of senioritis.
  • Feminism: My vagina is just as delightful as your cock.
  • How Tos/Advice: Take it all with a big fat grain of salt.
  • Lonely Tribalist at Large: How we act when everyone is watching.
  • Miscellaneous: This is the lazy category.
  • NaBloPoMo: All the blog posts for National Blog Posting Month (November).
  • Politics“So maybe it’s not the politicians who suck; maybe it’s something else. Like the public. That would be a nice realistic campaign slogan for somebody: “The public sucks. Elect me.” Put the blame where it belongs: on the people. Because if everything is really the fault of politicians, where are all the bright, honest, intelligent Americans who are ready to step in and replace them? Where are these people hiding? The truth is, we don’t have people like that. Everyone’s at the mall, scratching his balls and buying sneakers with lights in them. And complaining about the politicians.” – George Carlin
  • Polyamory: Exploring openness in the monogamy paradigm.
  • Relationships: Relating to how we relate to the people we relate to.
  • Satire: Everything on the Internet is true. Especially this category.
  • Updates: News and updates on our life.
  • Writings: Scribblings of a mad chink woman.
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