New Beginnings (Again): The Lonely Tribalist 2.0

2017 has been a year of… I’m not entirely sure how to neatly categorize it. In short, it has been one of many changes – in the world and in my life in particular. A chaotic zoo of the good and the bad. There’s so much to catch you up on.

I made it out alive with my Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics toward the end of December (freaking finally). I survived my first holiday season in retail. A partner told me he loved me for the first time in our relationship and, with tasteful tears, I told him I loved him, too. We celebrated our first anniversary in March. A friend of the past two years told me he liked me. I told him I liked him, too, and we’ve been dating since January.

Moose and I have decided to separate. The separation has been hard, but mutual. And it is difficult to admit that it has been a long, long time coming. It’s been roughly amicable and we’ll still be living together for the next two months, so we aren’t in danger of going Jack Torrance on each other (yet). I still don’t know what my new username here will be. Perhaps just “The Lonely Tribalist.”

I no longer work at Barnes and Noble and instead got hired onto my first full-time job doing social media copywriting and responding to online reviews. It’s not bad for a first full-time job and while the work is far from fulfilling, I still feel like I’m on a promising path – a path to where? I don’t exactly know, but it doesn’t feel bad. 

Binx, at 2 years old, passed away in mid-August from a collapsed lung. It is unknown what caused this, if it was inevitable or preventable. I wasn’t even in town when he died. Moose was with him at the vet when he was put to sleep. He was Moose’s baby. In June, Reggie the tuxedo cat entered the tribe. One gained, one lost. Some days, I don’t think Binx’s death has truly sunk in for me.

And now, what of the blog? This won’t be a “polyamory blog” or a “politics blog” or a “life development blog,” but it will have elements of all of the above and more. If I can get into the habit of crafting a post for every Monday, it will feel like a healthy, successful hobby. There are things I feel the need to write, while combating the rearing of the damn ugly Hydra-esque heads of my insecurities surrounding the worth of my words. And, of course, I want to create content that you want to read, as well. I know the dating posts and the “Hall of OKStupid” series were popular. I’ll definitely keep you up-to-date with the steamy, sticky love life, the highs, the pitfalls, and the insights. And according to my stats, the posts that people come across again and again have to do with Moose’s broken leg and his recovery. Even though we’re separating, I’ll try not to encourage him to break anymore limbs.

This blog has ebbed and flowed quite a bit – in the same fashion as the rest of life – and has largely been unfocused. We shall see together what the future will bring for us here, if this round of attempts at shouting into the void will result in anything more meaningful and worthwhile. Thank you for joining me or for having stuck around for the past couple of years. Community is still incredibly important to me and I want to continue to seek out ways to foster its sustainable growth. Let’s wield a broadsword against the voices that tell us to stop creating content. I missed you all and look forward to re-connecting with you. Thanks again and welcome to The Lonely Tribalist 2.0.

Oh boy.

Cheers, The Lonely Tribalist Signature transparent | moose and michelle

4 Replies to “New Beginnings (Again): The Lonely Tribalist 2.0”

  1. Good to hear that you were doing well, at least as of 08/2017, though life is far from ideal I am glad it has had its upsides for you. Glader still am I to learn that your sense of humour remains unabaited, though I observe that it hasn’t resulted in Moose breaking any more limbs… yet… that I know of, although if it inspires you to write more i’ll highly recommend you to go for it. Assault and battery charges should never stand in the way of good content.

    Anyways, if you remember me, we shared a brief communication ’bout five years ago. Somehow, and I honestly didn’t follow the sequence of thoughts, I wondered this fine evening, let’s catch up on what Michelle’s been doing and voilà! It would give me immense pleasure to know that you are doing well as of whatever date you happen to respond, and if you aren’t doing well I should let you know you’ve got a friend in me.

    There’s obviously that chance that you might have entirely abandoned this blog and that we might never get to discussing Dostoevsky again, but then such is the peril of our age. Anyways, you know my mail!


    1. I do check in from time to time hoping you’d have updated your blog. You haven’t and it’s okay. I was in a seriously bad place in my life, contemplating suicide and stuff when we had that email exchange, and I no you didn’t sign up for it, but you were pretty much the only person I was “really” talking to back then.

      If you are ever in a bad position in life I hope I can genuinely return you that favour. I hope you are doing okay, stocking shelves with unread (and read) books and quoting Monty Python. I don’t log in to wordpress all that much so if you were to actually respond to my comment I might not take notice for a while. But it’ll be really awesome if you could just shoot me a mail in case you needed a friendly ear.

      I’ll just stop stalking on this page now because it feels weird cause it seems like staring into the void at this point. I leave this message on the off chance that whenever you do log into this site and are feeling either nostalgia or sadness, this message might help you a little both.

      Regards and warm wishes,
      Internet stranger and hopefully a friend.


  2. Great to see you writing again. I’m sorry to hear about your breakup with Moose. 2017 has been a year of change for most of us, I think. Change is the only constant in life. My hope is that we all meet the challenges we face. Welcome back.

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