The 5 Stages of Working an Overnight Shift

Stage 1: Denial (AKA outright lying to yourself because you’re a dumbass)

The overnight shift is going to be fine. I’m just going to go to bed late the night before, wake up late, down a Red Bull, and the knock it out. Whatever we’re doing probably isn’t going to take the full 8 hours anyway.

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Stage 2: The grim horror of reality

Staring at you in your naive face is Reality in the shape of dozens upon dozens of boxes full of merchandise that need to be stocked. After you’ve scanned and rearranged everything already on the shelves. Only to have to move everything again to where they’re ultimate supposed to be.

And what was scheduled as an 8 hour job becomes a 10 hour job.

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Stage 3: Hating life.

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Stage 4: Hating life.

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Stage 5: Hating life.
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This past Sunday evening to Monday morning, I worked my first overnight shift and was hilariously unprepared. I was scheduled with co-workers I liked. I would have a break from working with customers. What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, innocent-Michelle-of-the-past, it was so bad, that after 4 hours of work, everyone outright skipped their last break and worked for basically 6 hours straight to finish up the goddamn department.

So this is my excuse for having flaked on this week’s Monday Motivation and for this premium quality blog post. I could have written one up days in advance, but alas, I did not because I’m a blogging failure and can’t be bothered to try harder. Because of this, you’re going to have to go the rest of this week without any will to get through this week. It’s what I’m doing, so you’re in good company. But you will get a Monday Motivation next week – I promise!

Until next time, take care, my fellow lonely tribalists. And feel free to share awful work experiences you were woefully unprepared for in the comments below!

Cheers, The Lonely Tribalist Signature transparent | moose and michelle


8 Replies to “The 5 Stages of Working an Overnight Shift”

  1. I loved working nights / overnight. First week I wanted to punch infants. 2nd week I loved sleeping during the day. I always fancy myself a night owl though… but I can sleep anytime and anywhere… guess I am just a sloth.

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