Fridays are for Fraternizing

So we’ve already covered that Mondays will be for motivating our butts through the week, Wednesdays will be for whatever the hell we seem to feel like posting, but what will Fridays be all about?

As we prepare for the weekend – full of crazy benders, hermit crab impressions, or anything in between – let’s devote Fridays to community building posts. On Fridays, we’ll try out best to build link sharing activities and parties, where you can share blog posts that you’ve recently written or that you’re particularly proud of – or others’ blogs and posts that you think more people need to check out.

the office tv show dance party gif | the lonely tribalist | moose and michelle

In addition, our blog is still open to your lovely guest posts. Want to publish an article on our site? Check out the loose “guidelines” we have about guest blogging – we really aren’t picky and are open to almost all subjects and styles – and hit us up at so we can work out the logistics!

We love hearing from you. And we love being able to check out your blogs and seeing what awesome thoughts and material you all come up with. So please, please feel free to share a recent post of yours in the comments below – and let’s have some fun!

Your turn:

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