Mondays are for Motivations

Whether or not it’s Gregorian Monday or just your Monday, you probably need a pick-me-up to help transition you from the weekend to the rest of your week. And if you’re like me, taking classes and working an irregular schedule at a part-time job with no set weekends, you probably still hate Mondays anyway. (Because we all grew up on Garfield, am I right?)

So for The Lonely Tribalist 2.0, we shall be devoting Mondays to getting pumped for the rest week – or at least, finding ways to cope until the weekend. We prefer to do it with a mug of the finest wine from a box you can get for $15. You don’t have to join us in that particular tradition, but the more the merrier!

This week, we’re starting simple with a Monday Motivation to go out there and kick this week’s ass: kill it at work, make silly faces at yourself in the mirror, binge the shit out of that show. Don’t just strive for greatness; reach for the fucking g-spot of mediocrity – whatever that’s supposed to mean. It’s up to you! It’ll be over before you know it and then you can go back to partying/sleeping/dishing out vigilante justice through your weekend.

And with that, I leave you with the ever epic and hilarious “Ghost in the Stalls” video from my favorite Youtube storyteller, Olan Rogers. “It’s a Monday…”

Stay strong, my friends! Feel free to leave a motivational link or comment below for your fellow Monday-haters. It can be from your own blog or somewhere else – let’s get through this Monday together!

Cheers, The Lonely Tribalist Signature transparent | moose and michelle

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