Update: In Which I Fail the A-Z Challenge and Pretend Not to Care

A belated welcome to the merry month of May!

Well, as you can see, I did not complete the April A-Z Challenge. Labeling my intro post to the challenge as the “A-Z’s of Failure” was a self-fulfilling prophecy and you know what? I’m actually okay with that.

Overestimating my abilities to give a shit for more than a day straight, I had booked myself pretty tightly for this academic quarter. Not only did I schedule myself for classes Monday through Thursday, but I also scheduled myself to work 8-hour shifts Friday-Sunday. Not a lot of forethought went into that. Fortunately, I did know myself well enough to not schedule any of my classes before noon. But as luck would have it, my job has been scheduling me almost exclusively for opening shifts.


Because of this poor planning – and trying to have a social life, as well – I’ve been remiss in my duties to post here on The Lonely Tribalist Monday-Saturday. With the A-Z Challenge, I only got to the letter R – 8 letters short of completing the alphabet. That’s a lot of missed days.

But that’s all right. I ain’t bothered. It’s just a blog challenge. Doesn’t reflect on me as a human being. I’m calm and capable. I’m calm and capable. I’m calm and capable…

tobias funke arrested developing crying in shower gif | the lonely tribalist

Did you participate in the April A-Z Challenge? If so, how did it go? Feel free to leave a link to your blog in the comments below!

[Header image source: Pixabay]

15 Replies to “Update: In Which I Fail the A-Z Challenge and Pretend Not to Care”

  1. I did do the A-Z Challenge–you can read them all here if you feel like wasting about an hour of your life: https://whererandomnessmeetsorder.com/

    But I came reeeeally close to giving up because I overbooked my life, too, so congratulations for making it all the way to R! I probably should have stopped there too because at the end I was throwing together the first words that came to mind.

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    1. Working toward a goal (especially with a ton of other people participating as well) can be a great way to further explore our potential 🙂 Maybe next year! And there’s also NaBloPoMo in November. Thanks for visiting!

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  2. I really enjoyed your posts for the challenge! Please don’t beat yourself up for not finishing it. I did finish mine, but I did it a day late and only got around to it because I broke my foot and literally could not do much else but blog, write, and watch netflix without injuring myself further. It is HARD tho, dude, as I’m sure you know, to come up with a new topic/post/whatever every single day without fail. But you sound SO busy – good for you for even trying! ❤

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