JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS: Early Bird Gets to Work… Early

It’s just one of those days…

  • When you rise groggy-eyed and frizzy-tailed to do the opening shift at work.
  • You set an alarm half an hour early and everything.
  • You feed the cat, that ungrateful bastard.
  • You arrive at work 15 minutes early to find a co-worker standing outside the door, which is odd because only one part-timer is required to help open the store.
  • So you both give each other funny looks and check your respective schedules on your respective phones.
  • Guess who’s wrong? (Hint: It’s you)
  • You walk off in shame and take a terrible 2 hour nap (if it could be called that) in your car before your actual shift starts.
kikis delivery service fml gif | the lonely tribalist
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10 Replies to “JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS: Early Bird Gets to Work… Early”

  1. I think I’ve only done that once. More often than not, I’m told I need to open, I set my alarm accordingly, and when it goes off, I can’t remember that I’m supposed to be there early and hit snooze too many times.

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