Gratitude: Feeling So Grateful For You Empathetic Badasses!


You all amaze me and damn near bring me to tears. [Not that that’s that difficult to do. When I was 13, I cried when Sherlock Holmes “died” at the end of “The Final Problem.”]

A couple days ago, I vented some old frustrations in this open letter to a maladjusted creep with no regard for personal space. It’s something that had been collecting mold in my head and my heart for a little over 4 years. It’s one of those experiences that I’ve had mild success in battling off its toxic spores, but it’s still one that nags at me, makes me breathe it in and hack a nasty cough of remembrance once in a while.

Why didn’t I stand up for myself better? And could I feel good about making the experience public?

Those of you who read it and commented were supportive beyond what I had fathomed at all. I really hadn’t expected the earnest levels of compassion that showed through in those comments. The “letter” was something I wanted people to read and learn from, sure, but the reasons were largely self-serving, as well. Reading your generous words reaching out to me triggered feelings of guilt, of attention whore-dom, but it also warmed the cockles of my goddamn heart. And I mean that so sincerely, I don’t even know how to properly convey it to you.

So I’m dedicating this post, to all of you who choose to read these textual scribblings of a confused millennial and answer back with basins spilling over with your empathy, your camaraderie. 

Thank you. Thank you all for being compassionate badasses. 

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12 Replies to “Gratitude: Feeling So Grateful For You Empathetic Badasses!”

  1. I’ve only just read the aforementioned post. It made me shudder, and to be honest I don’t think you’re alone in how you acted. Most people would just freeze and try to laugh it off, despite our brains telling us to speak up. But in the end you are blameless in the whole situation; the fedora-bloke shouldn’t have been such a creepy bastard! Nice to hear that so many people reaponded well to your experience ☺

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