Dream Job: Chief Wombat Cuddler Reporting for Duty!

Meet Derek the Wombat:

He’s a fucking adorable wombat and he needs a heavy dose of TLC.
don't want no scrub TLC gif | the lonely tribalist

Tourism Tasmania is holding a competition for someone to spend three days on Flinder’s Island spending time with Derek and doing non-Wombat-related things, too.  If I weren’t so enamored with not dying a grisly Australian death-by-dinner-plate-arachnid, I’d probably sign up. Also, you have to be a resident of Australia. Minor detail.

So if you’re an Australian citizen 18 or older with an interest in cute animals, head over here to put your name in the running by April 16th (10PM AEDST)!

Please send me all the pictures. Mostly of Derek.


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[Header image source: Pixabay]

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