The A-Z’s of Failure: An April Challenge

Your lonely neighborhood tribalist will be participating in the A-Z Challenge. What the hell is that, you ask? No, you didn’t ask? Well, I’m explaining it to you anyway.

april az challenge logo badge | the lonely tribalist

Much like November’s NaBloPoMo, the April A-Z Challenge is an exercise in getting over ourselves and just letting our content fly. You can choose to go with a single theme for the entire month or you can post about whatever you want. Just follow the English alphabet – maybe mix it up with another alphabet? – as well as your bloggerly heart.Β Each post doesn’t have to be supremely polished or meticulously planned – although you are more than welcome to.

You just have to write. Or photograph. Or draw. Or whatever it is you want to do on your blog everyday in April, excluding Sundays.

alec baldwin funny drinking alcohol gif | the lonely tribalist

Bring. It. On. I might stumble, I might completely fail, but I think that’s the beauty of these writing challenges. Even if I don’t “complete” it, I can feel good about my work if I feel like I’ve grown at all, whether as a writer or as a human fucking being. A win is a win is a win.

So let’s embark on this magical journey of potential failure together! There’ll be plenty of booze and delightful awkwardness to go around.

emperors new groove kuzco bring it on gif | the lonely tribalist


Are you participating in the A-Z Challenge? What’s your game plan going to be? Or are you just going to wing it like me? Sound off in the comments so we can visit and support one another in our mighty endeavor!

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36 Replies to “The A-Z’s of Failure: An April Challenge”

  1. I’ve been signed up since February and can’t wait to see where my writing goes with this πŸ™‚ I’m writing about emotions. I have the first five letters scheduled and a few at the end. Let’s see how the first post goes tomorrow…

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