Quotable Quickie: Syrian Refugee Teen Puts Us All to Shame [Women’s History Month]

“I want everyone not to give up on their dreams and do what they feel in their hearts. Even if it’s impossible, even if they don’t have the right conditions, you never know what will happen, just keep trying. Maybe you’ll get a chance like I did. Or maybe you’ll make your own chance.”

– Yusra Mardini [Taken from interview with the UN]

Wrapping up our Women’s History Month Quotable Quickie series is the story of Yusra Mardini, not only a teenager, but a Syrian refugee currently residing in Germany. Yusra and her sister Sarah were on a boat with other refugees, when the engine died. They, along with two other passengers, pushed their boat of about 20 people to safety after over 3 hours of swimming from Turkey to Europe.

When I was 17, I was obsessing over The Phantom of the Opera and worrying about what college I was going to move on to. Yusra and her sister make me feel as if I’m set to accomplish nothing in my life since I haven’t done anything impressive yet, but they also inspire me to actually pursue my dreams more. What those dreams are I have yet to claim, but I know they’re there. So hats off to Yusra and Sarah for being a couple of badass mofos and doing something with their lives and helping others in the process.

Thanks for joining us for this month’s women-centric Quotable Quickies. Share a feminist quote or story in the comments below – or link to a post of your own!

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