Update: Only Mostly Dead

Greetings, fellow lovelies!

I’ve missed you all. Now that the winter academic term is over, I only have two more quarters before I’m a college grad! How terrifying.

You’ve probably noticed how much of a slacker I’ve been here at TLT and with regard to visiting you on your blog and I’d like to apologize for that. After a bit of recovery from this term (i.e. bingewatching Netflix, drinking copious amounts of tea, and hibernating like a dead bear), I’m ready to come back and breathe some vibrancy back into this baby!

Here’s a quick update on both my life and the blog:
  • I’ve been discovering more writing opportunities and have published new articles with BeFunky and THRU Magazine.  I’ve applied for a remote writing internship with Study Breaks. The editor I’ve corresponded with says I’ve most likely got a spot and the article I wrote for my submission will be posted this weekend! [And if you’re looking for a summer writing internship, as well, they’re still accepting submissions!]

elmo jimmy fallon tonight show dancing | the lonely tribalist

  • Guest posting has been going smoothly! Thanks to all who have submitted guest posts, so far. I might keep guest posts on Mondays, but I might move them to Tuesdays to shake things up a bit. Check out all the guests posts and their wonderful authors. And if you’re interested in submitting a serious, wacky, funny, poignant, and/or really-anything-you-want-to-write-about, go ahead and read what little guidelines we have and shoot us an e-mail at mooseandmichelle.com!
  • We might be adding a new recurring series to the blog: Get-Over-The-Hump Day. To help give you – and us – some motivation to get us through the second half of the week, we’ll post a few videos that we’ve gotten a kick out of and hope you will, too. We’ll see how it goes.
  • Did I mention I missed you?

Well, there you have it. An obligatory post for the day just to let you know I still care.

arrested development lucille bluth gif | the lonely tribalist

Catch you on the flipside!

Michelle (& Moose)

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