Saturday Songbird: Amanda Palmer’s Kickass, Authentic “Machete”

I try not to feature a musician or a music group more than once, but Amanda Palmer is what my spirit animal strives to be, so I’d be remiss not to listen to my heart in sharing her work again. Recently, she released a Patreon-funded song inspired by and dedicated to a deceased best friend (who she named her baby after). Her blog post on the journey of making this song is really something. It’s a bit long, but I was engrossed from start to finish – read it here. She’s such a fascinating person and her rawness and her passion make my inner superwoman shriek with delight. She’s a human, rather than some sparkly PR machine. 

I want to see more of her and like her, which is why I finally made the decision to support her on Patreon. It’s not much, but every dollar counts! If you’re a Patreon supporter and enjoy Amanda Palmer’s music, go check out her page. It’s very much Amanda!

Enjoy the labor of love and collaboration, the enchanting “Machete.”

Also, if you’re a Bowie fan, Amanda and company created 6 wonderful tribute covers, which you can check out on her YouTube.

Each week, we feature a new Saturday Songbird that recently moved us. Join in the cacophonic wonder.

[Header image source: Rave Mag]

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