Quotable Quickie: Braless Zen [Women’s History Month]

“I have this idea of myself when I’m older, having had a career and having done acting and activism and affecting the world in some sort of way, and I’m a bit more of a settled feminist—I’m less angry, less angsty. And I’m able to be sort of Zen and just smoke weed on a beach in Southern California with no bra on.”

– Jessica Williams (1989 – )

Taken from an interview with Bust Magazine, Jessica Williams’ words resonate with me. I want to be there someday, too – maybe not in southern California, but somewhere chilling and braless and not giving a damn and yet being a compassionate mofo. She is such a class act and makes me feel like I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I should have by now – but her amazingness also helps me love myself just a little bit more.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re posting Quotable Quickies on Friday commemorating kickass women. Feel free to share some awesome women you admire in the comments below or even leave a link to your own post!

[Header image source: Shadow and Act]

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