Dead Week Reprieve: The House of Cards “Threechum” [No Season 4 Spoilers]

Moose and I have finally started watching season 4. Do you watch “House of Cards” on Netflix? What do you think about Meechum’s relationship with the Underwoods?

Quite frankly, ever since Frank’s rise to assholery and the painful writing of Claire’s character, Meechum is the only endearing part of the show left for me, so far. Let me get this clear:

I am fangirling HARD.

Ever since that delicious scene from Season 2 – what has been delightfully dubbed the “Threechum” – I have been pretty invested in Meechum’s relationship with the Underwoods. And so have a lot of other people – I just spent an obscene amount of my Wednesday perusing the Threechum Tumblr tag.

house of cards underwood meechum hand season 4 | the lonely tribalist

All this is coming up because of what happens in season 4… No spoilers, but there are a lot of sweet Meechum scenes that make my heart ache for some hardcore slash fiction. Let’s take a moment to relive the Threechum now:


The quality of this blog is descending into madness.

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9 Replies to “Dead Week Reprieve: The House of Cards “Threechum” [No Season 4 Spoilers]”

  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one on a House of Cards blog kick recently. I agree w/you on Meechum. I had different reasons for blogging & mine does contain spoilers but you might find it interesting & unique too:
    Have you peeped the British mini-series version? I think you can still see it on netflix. It’s pretty hardcore too 🙂 Interesting for perspective, actually.

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  2. I love House of Cards and it terrifies me. I’ve always felt like it was about a millimeter off from what it must be like in DC (minus the “Threechum,” which by the way–hilarious!). I’ve only watched the Season 4 premiere so far–not safe for family viewing! Thanks for not throwing any spoilers out there.

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