Update: Let’s Take This Moment… to #FeelTheBern!

All right, all right, all right, this isn’t a proper blog post, but:

Bernie Sanders has just won Michigan!

bernie sanders ellen dance gif | the lonely tribalist

The race was neck-at-neck and some are calling it a big upset because of how far Sanders was behind Clinton not too long ago. With the losses sustained over Super Tuesday, my morale definitely took a hit. It was very clear that despite the Surging Sanders phenomenon, Bernie really might not win the Democratic nomination. So news like this is awesome. Can’t wait for May to come so that I can give Bernie my vote here in Oregon. [Check out this list to see when your state will be holding it’s primary/caucus – and check to see whether or not your state’s process is open or closed!]

In not-so-great news, Donald Trump won Michigan, as well. [Please, please, America – don’t let this guy become our president.] And with that, here’s a related video that I got a real kick out of this week:

Lazy blogger out.


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9 Replies to “Update: Let’s Take This Moment… to #FeelTheBern!”

  1. I too lost some hope but I’m still pushing hard for him because he’s awesome with his huge shoulder pads, wagging finger, crazy hair and immense care for the American people.

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    1. I can’t see Hillary working with Bernie unless he’s her Veep. She doesn’t seem like the type to take anything less than the job she applied for. I bet even being Secretary was more to build her record as a leader than it was her more humble side accepting a position from her former opponent. But that’s just me, a supporter of a Sanders/Warren ticket

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      1. True. I could live with a Hillary/Bernie ticket. She could concentrate on foreign relations and he on domestic issues. Did I mention that I’m a registered Republican. I have no intention of voting for the jokers my party has put up. Ronald Reagan was spinning so fast in his grave, he needed Nancy to come and slow him down.

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        1. Lol. I’m independent with a heavy left lean but I can totally appreciate a thoughtful republican not so dedicated to his party that he’s blind to what’s happening to it. Though I disagree with you on Hillary on foreign affairs. IMO Sanders had shown good judgement in his past and Hillary has not shown that even through simple support without voting.

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