Saturday Songbird: “Sorry,” Beliebers – This Version’s Got Him Beat

I’m not gonna lie – nor am I going the “guilty pleasure” route: I’ve found recent Justin Bieber tunes to be quite catchy. While he’s still pretty vacuous, he’s come a long way from his teeny-bop “Baby, baby, baby, ooo” days. However, I’m not here to feature the Biebs – I’m here to feature Siddhant Bhosle, who made a heartbreakingly soulful rendition of “Sorry.” Check it out here:

He doesn’t have much on his Youtube page, but he’s definitely got musical talent! And I love slower, more thoughtful renditions of pop songs. If you have an acoustic or just plain different rendition of a popular song you like, share it in the comments!

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[Header image source: Youtube]

8 Replies to “Saturday Songbird: “Sorry,” Beliebers – This Version’s Got Him Beat”

  1. That is a marvelous version of “Sorry” . Love it. I love Noah Guthrie’s version of “Sexy and I Know It”. It’s sexy and very cool. I saw it a couple years ago on Dancing With the Stars and it’s really cool and nothing like the original LMFAO version.

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  2. Really nice cover! Thanks for sharing 🙂 And I totally relate to your confession: I am far from a belieber myself, but his latest songs are quite pleasing to the ear.

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