I Take My Sex Like I Take My Tea – With My Consent

This video was created by the Thames Valley Police November 2015. They’ve been implementing a #ConsentIsEverything campaign, which is all sorts of awesome. Why it hasn’t gone more viral is a damn shame because it is so good – mainly for its simplicity. If you haven’t seen it before, give it a watch below. It’s quite worth 2 and a half minutes of your life.

*sigh* So sad that consent can be so easy to understand when applied to pretty much any other activity, but it’s just flabbergasting to apply to sexual agency and freedom. Thank you, Thames Valley Police, and everyone else putting in the hard work to normalize consensual sexual relationships!

[Header image source: Vimeo]

7 Replies to “I Take My Sex Like I Take My Tea – With My Consent”

      1. I was just thinking the same thing!!! But the majority of dudes don’t even read what little I have written – they just want to make sure I’m not a foreign bot bent on taking their money or harassing them after they take the bait for offers of sex.

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