Guest Post: Dunkin Tales – Haunted Donuts

I’ve had some strange things happen to me whilst on the job at Dunkin Donuts, weird noises, my own reflection scaring me for brief moments. All of it has a reasonable explanation for why it’s happening, ice machine, oven, heater, whatever it is it’s fine. My coworker on the other hand is convinced that the place is haunted. I have my speculations…ones that blatantly don’t believe it. Like how could this place be haunted…I can think of two different scenarios, either a customer was eating a donut and boom HEART ATTACK, or a worker slipped on a donut and boom CRACKED SKULL.

Other than those two I don’t see where we would be able to acquire a ghost from, and if there is a ghost then it’s probably a heavy set person who floats around for a few moments and then sits down to ‘rest’.

The other night however, a coworker and I were cleaning the front, and he had the donut case while I was cleaning the sandwich station. This old couple comes walking in like a pair of highly trained ninjas – I’m talking no sound – they even somehow muffled the sound the door makes when it opened. Needless to say, I was impressed. They made their way to the counter and as my coworker turned around, he jumped like a little school girl, they scared the soul out of him. If anyone were to be haunting the store it was probably the part of him that died that moment.

After everything was paid for and made up he walked up to me and was like “Wes, did you see that, they came in here like ghosts.” And I smiled at him for a moment and looked around then stared at him intently while I put my hand on his shoulder and said.

“They’re just practicing.”

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Hey everyone my name is Wes, some of you may know me while others of you are wondering why in the hell Moose and Michelle would allow me to mess up their blog with my nonsense. Look I’m at a loss as much as you all in the latter group, but I’m also not questioning it and neither should you!

I run my own blog over at and if you would like to see more of my nonsense then click the link provided ^^^^^^^^

[Note from Moose and Michelle: All nonsense is welcome here. Except Scientology. Shoo, Tom Cruise, shoo shoo. And if you’re not Tom Cruise and you’d like to submit a guest post of your own here, e-mail us your idea(s) at!]

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