Saturday Songbird: Let’s Tango, Baby

I’m nearing the end of my (nearly) penultimate quarter of college. And what better way to help get me through these dark days than with some spirited tango-type music? Inspired by a post from BeeHive Your Life, I’m heading into this weekend determined to get shit done and not let work, school, and the inherent meaningless of the universe get me down (yet).

For today’s Saturday Songbird – several tango scenes!

“Kiss of Fire” – Hugh Laurie and Gaby Moreno

(Watch Hugh and Gaby perform it live here! So much goodness.)

Scent of a Woman – “Por Una Cabeza”

Mask of Zorro (pasodoble, not tango, but too good to pass up)

Rent – “Tango Maureen”

Moulin Rouge – “El Tango de Roxanne”

Chicago – “Cell Block Tango”

Dance with me? Join us each week for a new Saturday Songbird!

[Header image source: The Odyssey]

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