Versatile-y Infinite: Join Us For Another Round of Blog Sharing

Rosieek over at Hookup Culture hath bestoweth uponeth us a Versatile Blogger award and Wick Burner over at Shit’s Gotta Stop has doneth likewise with the Infinity Dreams award. (When will these bloggers ever learn that we only ever spew nonsense here? Oh well – on with the show!)

versatile blogger award | the lonely tribalist

inifinty dreams award love | the lonely tribalist

The “rules” for these blog awards are more or less the same:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Nominate 7-14 bloggers for the award – link to their blog and let them know!
  • If applicable: Answer your nominator’s questions and ask 7-11 questions to your own nominees
  • If applicable: Share 7-11 facts about yourself

As always, anyone I nominate is not required or obligated to participate. I know not everyone likes to do blog awards and that is more than fine. I like these because I get to discover new blogs and share some blogs that I think are worth sharing. Also, these remind me of the rosy days of middle school chain e-mail questionnaires. (And our ego is always in need of stroking.)

And the nominees are:

Just Another “Hippie” MumFeatured post: Being A Young Mum And How I Proved Everyone Wrong

Kinky SprinklesFeatured post: What a Broken Nose Taught Me About BDSM, Negotiation, and Depression

The Zombie ShuffleFeatured post: Relationship Doubt

Date By NumberFeatured post: An Introduction to Non-Attachment 

Jill Dennison Featured post: Why Black Lives Matter 

abdsoflife – Featured post: White Privilege, the Privilege of Being Unaware

Dear Men of LAFeatured post: Places Not To Pick Up Chicks Unless You Want Your Dick Cut Off

A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales – Featured post: A Must Read Tag-along Poem Cooked By All of Us

The Richness of a Simple Life – Featured post: The Problem of a Creative Creature

Stereotypically Able – Featured post: A Year Can Pass By In A Blink Of An Eye 

Note: I try not to nominate bloggers twice in an effort to widen our lovely blog horizons, but for people who’ve stuck around these past several months, know that both Moose and I sincerely appreciate you feeling like our blog isn’t a complete waste of your time! Much love.

11 “facts” about Moose and Michelle:

1. One of us loves The Stranger by Albert Camus. The other one appreciates him, but thinks Camus and Existentialism in general is too… nihilistic. The first one of us argues with the second one of us about this often.

2. One of us traveled to Japan and stayed with a host family for 6 weeks.

3. One of us placed 2nd at the state level of the National Shakespeare Competition (with little theater training). If they had placed 1st, they would have had the opportunity to compete in New York and possibly go on to workshop at Oxford for a summer.

4. One of us got to see Ian McKellan in a Broadway play.

5. One of us dreams of becoming a consultant to organizations about how to operate more sustainably (and not just in a “green” way).

6. One of us owned a ball python when they were younger. The other one owned a corn snake.

7. One of us has 3 siblings. The other one has 4.

8. One of us had a rad cat named “Fred” (short for “Fred the Cat”) when they were younger.

9. One of us got to shake Richard Dawkins’ hand. The other got to bother Gary Oldman at a coffee shop.

10. One of us enjoys eating oatmeal raisin cookies. The other doesn’t care much for such things, but eats oatmeal raisin cookies anyway when offered because they don’t have any self-control and often spin into a cycle of self-loathing, boot strapping their self-esteem, and saying “fuck it, imma eat that whole platter of grandma’s leftovers” before proceeding to blindly eat yet another offered oatmeal raisin cookie because why the hell not.

11. We both love cats.

Thanks again to Rosie and Wick Burner for your generous nominations. And even if you, fellow lonely tribalist, weren’t “officially” nominated, feel free to grab one award (or both, no judgment here) and keep spreading the blogging love! 

Michelle and Moose

[Header image source: Pixabay]

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