Introducing Binx the Cat! (We Bow Down to our New Overlord)

Welcome the newest addition to our lonely tribe: Binx!

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binx black cat | the lonely tribalist

He’s just over 6 months old and just over a beautiful 7 pounds. We got him from the wonderful Cat Adoption Team (CAT) in Sherwood, OR. Anyone in the Portland-metro area looking for a cat, I highly recommend this organization. My family got a kitten from them 9-ish years ago – he’s still living fat and large to this day – and the volunteers and staff there are so supportive and overall great at what they do.

We have the lovely, effervescent woman at the front desk to thank for giving us the opportunity to fall in love with this guy. She was gushing about him and allowed us to see him in the back room – he wasn’t even officially “on the market” yet! Moose’s instincts were on overdrive. He fell in love first. I was more skeptical because I wasn’t sure if I wanted a kitten yet. (Fortunately, Binx isn’t really a kitten so much as a young cat.) So Moose and I went to their main room of cats to look at a couple of recommendations from the staff. But none of the three others that we looked at that we were told would best fit what we were looking for (fun and super super affectionate) seemed quite as perfect as Binx.

I was still skeptical (I suck at following my heart), but Moose was sold. He was so excited, he wanted to inform the staff immediately, lest Binx be shown to another family.

And then that was that. We brought this baby boy home and it was settled. Binx was our baby boy now and nothing save a drunken act from the great Spaghetti Monster in the sky could wrest this gift from our cold, dead arms. 

That got dramatic really fast. Anywho, this post is an excuse to show off a million cute cat pictures.

binx black cat in a paper grocery bag | the lonely tribalist

binx black cat sleeping in shelf | the lonely tribalist

binx black cat yellow eyes face close up | the lonely tribalist

binx black cat sleeping on chest | the lonely tribalist

binx black cat on bookshelf | the lonely tribalist

Moose and binx black cat | the lonely tribalist

We are so head over heels. The tribe is getting less lonely by the day!

Do you have pets? Share your stories of how you met your pet(s) big and small. Or turn it into a writing prompt and link your pet stories in the comments below!

And did we mention you can follow our cat on Instagram? Yep, we’re those cat people. And if anyone can name the reference from his name, we shall award you “special brownie” points.


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