Update: My First Paid Blog Post Was Published!

If you’re looking to pick up a really fun and laid-back freelance blogging gig, I highly recommend BeFunky. The editor I’ve correspond with is so nice and has been very supportive – and they pay junior writers $40/blog!

DIY Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Card | BeFunky Blog

And if you’re not looking for a writing gig, their blog is great for artsy ideas. At the risk of sounding like a silly advertisement: they’re a free online photo editing and graphic design site, so their blog revolves around a variety of fun tutorials using their site. I’ve been having fun coming up with projects to blog about so far and I’m over the moon that my article’s been published! It’s no hard-hitting expose, but I’m still floored by the opportunity to explore a new creative avenue – and get paid for it!


Are you a freelance writer? Feel free to link to your work and your websites in the comments!

[Header image source: Pexels]


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