Hall of OKStupid #4: What’s the Airspeed Velocity of Dat Ass, Baby?

In a twist on our Hall of OKStupid – we’re featuring wins instead of fails!

As you may or may not know, we here at The Lonely Tribalist are supporters of all that is Monty Python. And when it comes to online dating – especially as a woman – it’s beneficial to create a filtration system to combat against boring and/or douchey message droppers. It’s also a good way to figure out whether or not someone bothered to even read your profile. For example, we dropped this hint in Michelle’s OKCupid profile.

okcupid profile airspeed velocity unladen swallow monty python | the lonely tribalist

And people have taken notice:

African or european swallow OKCupid 5 | the lonely tribalistAfrican or european swallow OKCupid 1 | the lonely tribalist

Some with more verve than others:African or european swallow OKCupid 2 | the lonely tribalist

And then whammies like this one:African or european swallow OKCupid 3 | the lonely tribalist

And of course, the ever popular Frenchman:

African or european swallow OKCupid 4 | the lonely tribalist

It always makes me smile.

This type of message shows a) attention to detail (specifically, attention to me), b) a sense of humor, and c) MONTY PYTHON 4 LYFE. If my Monty Python quotes fall flat with you, there’s a high chance our relationship will just end up as dead as a Norwegian Blue… And don’t you try selling me on the beautiful plumage BECAUSE THE PLUMAGE DON’T ENTER INTO IT.


Sorry, my talk has become a little sillier as of late. 

Nudge nudge, wink wink,

Do you have something fun, idiosyncratic, or downright crazy in your online profile? How have people responded to it?



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