Saturday Songbird: It’s Business, It’s Business Time!

Welcome to another edition of Saturday Songbird, where we feature a song that either represents our zeitgeist of the week (“zeit-week?”) or just titillated our ears/brains recently. This was another semi-stressful week with midterms plus the starting of a new job (a retail one at that). So for all y’all else who had a semi-stressful week – those of you with uber-stressful or completely stress-free weeks, GET OUTTA HERE – here’s some Flight of the Conchords to soothe us and strip us down to our socks “and you know when I’m down to just my socks what time it is…”

It’s Business Time.

Business hours are over now, baby, but join us next week (and check out previous weeks) for a new Saturday Songbird!

[Header image source: Sub Pop Records]

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