Lessons in Retail #1: Don’t. Fall. Flat.

I just started my first retail job yesterday and as a total noob, I learned a very important lesson:


This likely sounds like common sense to most people, but as a person who A) is stupid about what business casual means, and B) is used to just wearing sneakers or flip-flops, I had no idea the kind of pain standing around in flats for 8 hours would cause. As a cashier, I get breaks every 2-3 hours, but for the rest of that time, I am just standing with 100% of my weight on two little stubs evolution saw fit to bestow upon me. Those versed in retail know this. And while standing or walking around for 8 hours can be fine in the appropriate attire, it just don’t work in flats. 

So don’t try it, folks. I was so distracted by the howling soreness of my feet that I walked – gingerly traipsed – out of my shift without even clocking out.

cute fluffy long hair cat facepalm | the lonely tribalist

If you value your physical health and your dignity, wear something comfortable to work. Better yet, stay away from retail (unless you want to pursue self-growth or something crazy like that).

Do you have a painful retail experience you’d like to share? Please. Help me feel better about my life choices. Share them in the comments below!

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16 Replies to “Lessons in Retail #1: Don’t. Fall. Flat.”

  1. Nothing is comfortable for that long, but a padded (like memory foam or such) one inch heel or wedge helps. That’s what I wore when I was teaching and had to stand. I wore converses at my retail job, but I moved around a lot… And I worked with water, so quick-drying canvas was awesome.


  2. Oh my.. I know it would have been terrible for you. I once decided to wear flats on a day out during our trip to San Fransisco… tell me why I decided to wear flats that day! Ughh. My feet were sore by the end of the day 😦

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  3. Yes I have a painful retail story! A 14 hour shift in 3 inch heels because flats are not allowed, 15 minute breaks every 4 hours and a one hour lunch ONLY if you’re working 6 hour shifts or longer (this was from 2007-2010 when I quit with some new shiny snaggle toes jk it wasn’t that bad lol)

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  4. The last time I worked retail was in 2006 when I was earning extra cash to pay for my next trip to Europe. There is no perfect shoe! Of course, having any kind of support helps, but I spent loads of cash trying inserts and cushions every other thing you can possibly think up. If I see something that looks promising and everyone who has tried it waxes poetic about it, I’ll send you a link. May the force be with you.

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