Quarter Life Crisis: Say Ink or Dye Edition

I don’t know what the hell’s been going on recently, but I’ve been developing serious hankerings for tattoos and hair coloring. And as the great Oscar Wilde wrote, “I can resiste everything but temptation.” What I’m specifically craving is a quotable tattoo – a Camus panty-twister, perhaps. Also, I just watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World and Ramona’s bold hair colors made me drool.

I haven’t succumbed to the voices of hipsters past yet, but I seem to be treading along a very crumbly precipice. So to curb my appetite for now [and to pretend I’m not just phoning it in for my post of the day], here are a handful of cool, inspiring pieces of tattoo and hair coloring art!

sometimes you've gotta fall before you fly tattoo | the lonely tribalist

beautiful pretty blue hair color dye | the lonely tribalist

still i rise maya angelou tattoo | the lonely tribalist

galaxy hair color blue purple | the lonely tribalist

try rose tattoo | the lonely tribalist

purple retro mermaid hair | the lonely tribalist

you keep me safe you keep me wild friendship tattoo | the lonely tribalist

pink pastel hair color dye highlights | the lonely tribalist

Do you have any tattoos? Care to show them off in the comments? (Please do!)


5 Replies to “Quarter Life Crisis: Say Ink or Dye Edition”

  1. I indulged my quarter life crises and went and got myself inked, it is just that Afro textured hair is sensitive otherwise I would have gotten some wild hair color

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