Who Else Followed the Iowa Caucuses?

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The Democratic Iowa caucuses – what a nail biter! In case you haven’t heard, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were neck and neck in Iowa last night. Following the topic #IowaCaucus on Twitter can give you a good summation of the evening.

Ultimately, Clinton and Sanders basically tied – Clinton pulled ahead by just delegates, decided in a way that follows traditional, fair election practice: by coin toss, of course. This margin of less than 1% is the slimmest in the history of the Iowa caucuses, meaning Bernie Sanders is just getting warmed up. gene wilder willy wonka the suspense is terrible | the lonely tribalist

And in another uplifting development, Trump didn’t win. Ted Cruz pulled ahead of him, to my surprise. This is only one state, but it already shows that Trump doesn’t have as deep a foothold into the hearts of his GOP as he – and the rest of us – had thought.

Also, Governor Martin O’Malley has dropped out of the race. I still wonder what he was doing in the race to begin with. He seems to have had an agenda different from the front runners, as well as the early droppers (ahem, Chafee and Webb). Anyhow, I feel like he had performed well, considering the competition. And I said it once and I’ll say it again: his proposed policies were all far more reasonable than those of any of the Republican candidates.

All in all, it’s been pretty entertaining, so far. One state down, a gazillion more to go before this whole elections business is dead and buried (for another four three years).

Did you follow the Iowa Caucuses at all? If not, please share in the comments how you were actually having a life! 

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