Saturday Songbird: We Think We Know You

This weekend, I had to buy “business casual” clothes, which meant I spent an hour walking through the aisles of Ross with my phone out trying to Google “business casual.” I landed a new entry level job at a corporate bookstore and the training orientation is next week. I’m required to wear something other than my hoodie, jeans, and flip flops. Life is hard.

While I’m excited to be working at a bookstore around the literary and faux-literary minded, I can’t help but feel a sort of angst, relating to that anonymous cog-in-the-machine feeling. Ya know, the one that makes you feel insignificant and tells you you’re going the wrong way, but which way is the right way, there are too many voices telling me what I should do rather than what I want to do, and they won’t stop playing that Justin Bieber song over the radio, why is this happening, what pants should I get, the goddamn pen is blue.

So let’s de-stress together with our favorite millennial comedian musician who definitely gets it – Mr. Bo Burnham.

what. Tune in each week for a new Saturday Songbird.

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5 Replies to “Saturday Songbird: We Think We Know You”

  1. Congratulations on the new gig! And yeah, business casual is tricky. When I first moved to Arizona in 2003 and landed my job with Countrywide (now owned by Bank of America), we had a very strict dress code, even though we sat in a cubicle farm and never saw any customers – we were tech support for the loan origination and processing employees. We used to have to pay into fundraisers to earn wearing jeans for a day, and that happened every three months. I remember how ridiculous it was that we had to wear pantyhose with sandals. First: EW. It wasn’t the fucking ’80’s. Second: It was fucking ARIZONA, where summertime temps hover at 115+ for about 90 days. It was a really big deal when they allowed us to stop wearing pantyhose with our sandals in 2005. It was a really, really big deal when they switched everyone to business casual around 2007 and started allowing jeans every Friday. I feel like I was your suffragette for business casual…

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    1. Thanks! And holy crap- that sounds like a nightmare. So misguided. Being overly formal for a job that doesn’t even require face-to-face interaction is so silly. I understand the desire for maintaining order and respect and a level of professionalism, but being strict about it just makes employees miserable. Glad to hear that company finally came to its sense and switch to business casual!

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      1. Yes! It was dragged on much longer than it needed to be – the climate had changed in so many companies to lean more towards the casual than the business. I fully admit that for the last 2.5 years I worked there, I was able to work from home – and that was SUPER casual. 😉

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