The Most Valuable Things I Have Learned From Polyamory [Reblog]

I love this so much. Poly can allow for so much growth! I may sound like a damn hippy or a super-saccharine idiot, but yay for love!

Kinky Sprinkles

Polyamory has been about the amazing partners I have. The connections I am able to make, the openness I feel in my life and the happiness I get from growing as a person. Every year I look back and I’m amazed at how much I have grown. When someone asks me what polyamory is like, I often respond with some line about communication. I say all relationships need communication to be happy, and poly relationships need communication to survive. Here are some of the valuable lessons I have learned from being polyamorous:

People Allow You To Grow

Think about lessons you have learned in your life. Sure you may have learned a few by yourself, but there is usually a person behind some of your biggest periods of growth. That person might have been a crappy boss, or a mediocre relationship. All connections in your life have influence on you…

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