Write a Letter: Have a Meow-velous Day!

A hobby of mine is creating silly greeting cards. It’s a sporadic hobby and one that I can break even on through my Etsy shop. I hadn’t made a card since November because I had let most of my item listings expire, but some lovely soul made an order over the weekend for a Valentine’s Day card, so I was back in business for a little bit and guess what, this is a run-on sentence.

Anyway, I thought I’d share an additional card I made (not the Etsy order) for a pen pal of mine.

have a meowvelous day cat greeting card | the lonely tribalist

I found said pen pal via the Letter Writers Alliance. It’s a pretty cool organization that encourages the re-embracement of snail mail. They both sell and freely offer cool stationery, designs, and other creative letter-writing related materials. It requires a membership, but is only a one time $5 fee for access ’til the end of time.

letter writers alliance envelope | the lonely tribalist

They send you a cool letter with your username and password along with a patch with their emblem on it. I’d pay $5 just for this little welcome envelope alone.

letter writers alliance welcome letter | the lonely tribalist

So if you’re into penpal-ing, letter writing, or you want to get into penpal-ing and letter writing, I suggest you sign up for to become a part of the Letter Writers Alliance. Who knows? Maybe we can become penpals.

What are some of your hobbies? Do you partake in recreational snail mail? Post any links to your hobbies and crafts in the comments!


[Header image source: Pixabay]

5 Replies to “Write a Letter: Have a Meow-velous Day!”

  1. When I first moved away from my hometown, I used to write letters to my old friends. Letter writing needs to make a come back! I’m trying… I sent out about a dozen handwritten cards for Christmas this year. Very cool post!

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