Update: 400 Down – The Rest of the World to Go!

This past weekend, you all helped us hit 400 followers! Moose and I would like to say a hearty “Thank you” – but we’re too busy fawning over ourselves.

conan obrien ricky gervais bubble bath tub selfie | the lonely tribalist
Moose is the Conan to my Ricky.

Obligatory Conan moment aside, we run on your attention, your thoughts, and your continuing support of our little blog. We started this little project back in August 2015 and are chugging along swimmingly thanks to you all. Just one step closer to  We went from posting three times a week, to posting every day for NaBloPoMo, to our current schedule of posting Monday through Saturday (with a few missed days here and there, oh, and over there, too).

We’ve been having a blast getting to discover your content and to interact with you in our comments and in yours, as well. WordPress is filled with such groovy peeps and there never seems to be a shortage! Slowly, but surely, we’re determined to nestle into a community niche of our own in this shanty nest of ours. We’re cooking up different ways to be more engaging, so we’ll likely be rolling out new blog features in the next couple weeks. And we’d love your feedback! If you have any ideas of how to make this blog more of a community, a more pleasant watering hole for us hairless apes to talk smack around, please let us know – in the comments, via e-mail, or telepathy. [Sorry if we don’t receive all telepathic transmissions. Reception sucks where we live. Too much tin foil in the walls, I suspect. Best to stick to the Interwebs.] 

Here’s to the next 100 – so whether you’re new to the community or you’re an old hat on the rack, thank you, thank you, thank you! Feel free to leave a link in the comments for people to check out your own titillating blog. 

Moose and Michelle

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