Hall of OKStupid #3: Hey, Oregon, DTF?

If you still have an active OKCupid account, you likely received an e-mail with a link to this article:

OKCupid The Hangover 2015 New Year Report
A little late, OKC. Most of us are already over the new year’s excitement. The Pedialyte’s been all used up.

Some of it was interesting, but the most amusing piece of the report was this one ranking the states on the quantity of people looking for casual sex:

OKCupid people looking for casual sex united states ranking 2015 | The Loney Tribalist


Now, do you see what I see?

Oregon casual sex rank OKCupid | The Lonely Tribalist
Laid in Oregon

My home state of Oregon is #1 in “users looking for casual sex,” according to OKCupid’s data for 2015. That just tickles me. It’s likely 99% of the Oregon statistic is from Portland metro area users (like us). Just another reason to love Portlandia.

Keep Portland Promiscuous!

Browse more kinky fuckery in the Hall of OKStupid here.

8 Replies to “Hall of OKStupid #3: Hey, Oregon, DTF?”

  1. OH, this one is just screaming to be shared! This guy hit me up yesterday with a copied and pasted greeting directing me to his web page “if I wanted to know more” – in other words, he didn’t fill out anything on OKCupid. There’s a part in here where he claims he has prayed every night for the last 20 years for a “good girl.” Pretty sure this page was created 20 years ago. INSANE. (And yes, he uses a lot of all caps, and a lot of…ellipses.)

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  2. I’m surprised! Okay, first, I didn’t see this article – because it went straight to spam. Aw! Second, I think all states should be the same dark color as Oregon. I swear to you, people are not be honest about their desire for DTF. Every single guy who has approached me wants that and only that. I think the Midwesterners are lying because they don’t want to look bad in front of their neighbors.

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    1. It did seem skewed and it could be a neat launch point for actual data collection about sexual proclivities and openness state-by-state. And then there are plenty of people looking for casual sex who don’t put it in their profile.


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