Democratic Debate Round 4 (Also: Amanda F*cking Palmer Retweeted Us) #DemDebate

All right, I’m no special snowflake. During last night’s Democratic Debate, Amanda Palmer asked for people’s thoughts, which she would then more likely than not retweet. Still though, AMANDA FUCKING PALMER.

Amanda Palmer retweeted you democratic debate 2016 | The Lonely Tribalist

But I digress.

Did you watch the Democratic Debate? I surprised Moose with a trip to downtown Portland, where local Bernie 2016 organizers were holding a debate watch party at the cozy McMenamins Mission Theater (and Pub). It was a two-tiered theater and I had brought us almost too late – almost all the seats looked taken, but Moose, ever my bulldog, sniffed out a pair of seats in the second row of the balcony.

I’m no political analyst, so here are just a list of my thoughts:

  • Everyone was really strong. I was surprised by Martin O’Malley’s conviction. He sounds so very sincere and I like his “hey, let’s not fight, guys” attitude. I loved his jab at the Republicans with the “We actually believe in science” comment. (And can anyone explain to me why he’s still in the race? It’s obvious he has no chance at becoming president. Is it for exposure for his ideas?)
  • Bernie’s opening statement could have been stronger. He used the first half of it to rehash his script before finally answering the 3-point question. Hillary and O’Malley did a much better job of getting to the point.
  • Hillary is such a confident speaker. She has one hell of a poker face. That poise! She looked so unfazed. It’s really impressive.
  • Bernie’s sideways dagger glare:

bernie sanders side eye glare glance democratic debate at hillary clinton | The Lonely Tribalist

  • Cutest moment of the night – Martin O’Malley: “Can I get 30 seconds, too?” (Followed very closely by his reaction to getting 60 seconds first for his closing statements.)
  • Hillary was really hitting Bernie hard. It’s clear she’s not taking any chances of a repeat of 2008.
  • Bernie’s response to Andrea Mitchell’s question concerning his comments about Bill Clinton: gold. He handled that provocative question so well, saying that he wants to make this presidential campaign about the issues, not personal drama or the like.
  • That question for Hillary about her “relationship” with Putin was weird. Am I paranoid for thinking that was supposed to imply things? (Dumb things, specifically.)

All in all, it was an interesting debate. And I realized that as flawed as these candidates and their rhetoric can be, they’re still wa-a-a-a-a-ay more sane than any of the Republican candidates – quite possibly even all of them combined! As much of a Bernie fan as I am, I can still admit that Hillary would be a much better president than any vying for the Republican nomination.

Also, after the debate, I found myself looking at a TIME Internet poll for who won the debate. Their disclaimer is amusing – you can sense the snark through the screen:

fourth democratic debate clinton sanders o'malley TIME poll | The Lonely Tribalist
“A disclaimer: Online reader polls like this one are not statistically representative of eligible primary voters. They are a measure, however imprecise, of which candidates have the most energized online supporters, or most social media savvy fan base. After all, what they are counting is the number of Internet-devices controlled by people who want to vote.”

Very subtle, TIME. Very subtle.

So fellow Lonely Tribalists, did you watch the debate? What did you think? Are you getting tired of all this political skullduggery? Here, watch this video of a tortoise trying to eat a strawberry and narrated by the late Alan Rickman.

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5 Replies to “Democratic Debate Round 4 (Also: Amanda F*cking Palmer Retweeted Us) #DemDebate”

  1. Fully agree. I posted about the debate also, and yes, every time either Trump or Cruz is allowed in public, allowed to open their mouth, it puts another nail in the coffin of the GOP. But you have to admit, the republicans are more fun to watch … it’s a circus, zoo, and demolition derby all rolled into one! -Filosofa

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