Saturday Songbird: The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn (RIP David Bowie)

The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

– “Nature Boy”

To be honest, I was never a particularly big Bowie fan – nothing against him. I just had a deprived upbringing, really. From what little exposure I did have to the music icon, I was impressed by his vivacity and his concomitant kinkiness. His voice, his overall style – he seemed larger than life. And maybe I’m just jumping on the popular grief bandwagon, but I do have respect for someone who has inspired so many people (even though he was far from perfect). So I’d be remiss if I didn’t dedicate this Saturday Songbird to the man.

RIP Mr. Bowie. You are now and forever will be Stardust.

Ground control to Major Tom… Join us each week for a new Saturday Songbird

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2 Replies to “Saturday Songbird: The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn (RIP David Bowie)”

  1. Oh. I was and am a huge fan of David Bowie, but I have to say I’m no particularly upset by the accuses of rape and statutory rape. Not because I don’t think they’re important, but because they are not surprising, for two reasons:
    1. Famous people get accused more or less of everything possible, maybe only because they’re famous. Not saying they cannot be horrible, indeed I think that some or even a lot of them use their power to commit crimes and oppress other people.
    2. Under the character of David Bowie there was a human, which was called David Robert Jones. Well, after almost 23 years of permanence here I know how humans work, that is how they don’t work.

    But I’m an art lover, and there used to be a time when I actually was upset by the contrast between amazing and stunning art and the fact that it was created by humans, and therefore unavoidably defective (I mean, badly defective. Not just as defective as leaving your clothes around the room and not picking them up for days, or being grumpy from time to time, or impatient with people and so on). I therefore developed my own way of admiring and appreciating art: the artist ceases to be an person as soon as its art is appealing to me. The artist is a character, as a character of a book could be, and nothing more. Indeed, maybe being a character is even more than being just a human. I benefit from the artist and its art in order to nourish my mind, but no thought must go to the real human being behind all this. The real human behind all this has no importance; it is just a mediator.

    I’m sad for Bowie’s death, not because David Robert Jones has died, but because Ziggy Stardust has left this planet.

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    1. The “man vs the artist” is definitely a poser of a question that I think has no easy answer. I am also inclined to separate his humanness from his artistry, but I feel that is problematic. He was a role model to many and not just through his music. And really, what I find more troubling is people defending David “the man” for having likely committed statutory rape. While it’s still all right to love his art, it’s dangerous to deny what he did as a “real human.”

      I like what you wrote, though, about how you’re saddened by the death of Ziggy Stardust. Very thought-provoking stuff!

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