MRW I Heard This Morning That Alan Rickman Had Passed Away

When my sister texted me early this morning that “SNAPE. DIED. 😦 😦 “ I thought she was being cute and behind the times. I replied with something trite: “Yes, Snape does die. SPOILERS.” But a cursory glance at Facebook confirmed her message.

Alan Rickman was a staple of my emotional upbringing. J.K. Rowling might have created the character, but Rickman brought the tragic man to life. But nevermore will he grace the stage or the screen with his charismatic presence and his deep, honeyed voice. The connection us little people have with celebrities (and the phenomena of celebrity) is often a silly one. People we have never heard of and will never know die in droves everyday. However, there’s still no denying the feeling of sadness that filled my chest upon hearing about his death.

severus snape harry potter lily potter grief gif | The Lonely Tribalist

Thank you for all the feels, Rickman.

R.I.P. Alan Rickman (1946 – 2016). Always.


10 Replies to “MRW I Heard This Morning That Alan Rickman Had Passed Away”

  1. I said as much myself today, the weirdness that is celebrity and strangers mourning this person we didn’t know but somehow like all the same. I am going to miss his voice almost more than any character he played or could have played.

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  2. Have you seen Sean Biggerstaff’s tribute in Twitter? That one was way feels. Daniel’s was emotional but that one was right in the kokoro. </3
    Oh, Alan Rickman. Always. *raises wand*

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