Happy New Year! (Achievement Unlocked: No Hangover!)

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope your New Year’s Eve was filled with raucous troublemaking or some goddamn peace and quiet – however you celebrate the annual uptick of the year. We look forward to getting to know y’all a lot better this coming year, sharing our stories and taking part in yours. We’ve been having such a good time interacting with you groovy peeps, so here’s to many posts more!

Feel free to share something you’re looking forward to in 2016 in the comments below (or link to a New Years post from your blog)!

crappy new year moose and michelle happy new year  The Lonely Tribalist
Crappy phone picture is crappy.

Happy 2016,
Moose & Michelle

3 Replies to “Happy New Year! (Achievement Unlocked: No Hangover!)”

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