Bernie Sanders: Does He Have a Chance? [Awarded: Most Original Question Ever]

To ask about the meaning of life would sound more novel right now than questioning the electability of the Democratic Socialist senator from Vermont. Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump. It’s all half the Internet’s talking about these days – and will be for the next year, unfortunately. Apologetically, I am part of that uproarious half.

I promise to get back into a more regular posting groove starting next week, as school starts back up and my sleeping schedule gets whipped back into some semblance of a shape. For now, I’ve got Bernie f*cking Sanders on my mind.

Which is why I’m about to become possessed by the pleading marketer demon right… about… noBLAHAHOWHWDOGISMYCOPILOT;LASNA;NA;VN,X,NA;SK;

The Iowa caucuses start in just over a month February 1st. And the last FEC fundraising deadline for this year is tomorrow, December 31st. Why is this of any consequence? Because money talks. People have been saying Bernie doesn’t have a chance in hell of winning the primaries because of his disdain for the rich, for the corporations, the lifeblood of any proper presidential campaign.

It’s tricky: Hillary has, of course, raised way more money in total. She’s set to reach $100 million by the end of tomorrow. However, Bernie is catching up, having raised $26 million this last quarter, compared to Hillary’s $28 million. And even Clinton reps say Bernie is on track to surpass her fundraising for this quarter. And he’s already made freaking history by gaining over 2.3 million individual donations. I mean DAY-UM.

America do you feel a berning sensation #feelthebern comedy central | The Lonely Tribalist

So the FEC deadline is important because it gives Bernie the chance he has totally earned. If Hillary were to get the Democratic nomination, I would still totally vote for her rather than whoever the Republican nominee will be. However, it would be a shame not being able to choose Bernie as our next president. 

So if you’re inclined or if you just hadn’t gotten around to it yet, donate to the Sanders campaign, even if it’s just $5: Stand with Bernie for our Last Official FEC Deadline of 2015. 


Well, now that that’s over with, I’m going to rinse this funky taste out of my mouth and wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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Header image source: Huffington Post

Thoughts? Feelings? Wish all this campaign nonsense would end now? What are your New Year’s plans?

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