Saturday Songbird: Sanders Ain’t Gonna’ Take It

Feeling angry, pumped, and relieved this wintry Oregon morning.

On Thursday, December 17th, the Bernie Sanders campaign announced they had surpassed an incredible 2 million individual contributions – the majority of which were under $200. Whew, and check this out:

Aides said that Sanders had raised $1.1 million on Wednesday alone and $2.4 million since announcing his push on Monday.

– The Washington Post


This was a big win for Bernie, especially with the Iowa caucuses just several weeks away and the last Democratic Debate of the year happening today.

However, no campaign is complete without the “downs” to accompany its major “ups.” On Friday, there was a security breach in the system different campaigns use to collect voter data. The Sanders campaign was accused of accessing Clinton data and was subsequently suspended from using the database. 

What kind of data did the Sanders staffer download? What were they going to do with the data? Did the campaign actually steal any information from the Clinton campaign? I would like to think they only recorded queries and relevant information to report the breach. Is this the true story? I don’t know. It was pretty convenient, however, for the DNC to shut down such a vital artery of the Sanders campaign.

As of this morning, however, after hundreds of thousands of people signed petitions and the Sanders campaign was ready to file suit against the DNC, the suspension was lifted. Here’s a release from NGP VAN about the VoteBuilder system firewall failure. We may never know exactly what happened, but here’s looking to the future of the Sanders campaign!

This was a longer than usual Saturday Songbird, but today’s song needed the intro to get you into my mindset. Thank you, Twisted Sister, for giving me a song that sums up my feelings for the day:

I’d be a whole lot happier with Bernie walking out onto the stage with this song than Trump.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Saturday Songbird. Check out other editions here!

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