“Welcome to Team Trump”

And here we go…

This Trump phenomenon is frustrating, for sure, but it’s also extremely fascinating. It boggles my mind, particularly the emotional side, which is inclined to flip tables over at the insanity of even the prospect of a dangerous bigot such as Trump becoming President.

However, simply thinking that Trump supporters are idiots and bigots is – well – far too simplistic. Reading comments around the Internet, there are people who sincerely believe in Trump’s selfless love of America and his rhetoric of putting the American people first. “He’s not racist. He just wants a temporary ban on Muslims through customs to fight terrorism.” There are people who don’t see the racist aspect of this at all. And that’s actually not too hard to believe.

I could hunch over, wrap a hoodie over my head, and immerse myself in #FeelTheBern pro-Sanders rhetoric. I could praise his radically populist glory and spend my days “liking” and upvoting everything I see of his and (equally blindly) downvoting anything that I don’t agree with. However, that’s not what The Lonely Tribalist is about. We want to further understand the other side. Politics insidiously incites division among people who would probably otherwise get along great. We want politics to be a constructive area in our lives. As conveniently incendiary soundbites fill my feed, this is something I have to remind myself: Trump supporters are people, too. It sounds silly and sophomoric, but if more people realized this when engaging in political discourse – more like “diss-course” – then there’d be a lot less in-fighting and harmful othering.

Because of this…

We signed up for the Donald Trump campaign’s e-mail list.

Welcome to team trump email | The Lonely Tribalist
Also, we wanted to show off our spiffy ninja theme.

Very much subjectively speaking, this is going to be cringe-worthy. But it’s one of the best places to find out what seems to be so wonderful and awe-inspiring about the billionaire toupee. [Sorry, had to slide one in there.]

So with as open of minds as we can muster, let’s dive in.

[More updates to come as we receive more e-mails and conduct more social research. Because science!]

Michelle & Moose

Do you know anyone who’s a Trump supporter? Are you yourself going to be voting for Trump? We’d love to hear your thoughts below and learn more!

21 Replies to ““Welcome to Team Trump””

  1. It is fascinating indeed. But for some reason I can not take the clown seriously. But the scary thing is that some people do… I am French, we do sadly have our Extreme right party, but I dont think they ever went so far in their racist propaganda. A Republican friend of mine recently told me he missed the time when he thought Palin was the worse shame his party ever endured ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. I personally think there is a change about the world. Here in the UK a right wing party got in less than a year later a socialist opposition has massive support and will probably go on to win the next election . I think people are sick of the fighting have no belief in politicians, think most of them are corrupt and are going to complete opposites to try and sort something.

    I do hope Trump doesn’t win, from what I have heard he doesn’t have enough support, but who knows


  3. It really is ridiculous but fascinating. It blows my mind seeing people post Team Trump stuff on Facebook or their carefully worded anti immigration policies. The immigration is what personally offends me because I literally would not even be alive if it weren’t for immigration… I’m so glad I’m in Canada LOL

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  4. I have that exact same urge to flip tables and hunker down in a Bernie hoodie. I’ve contemplated researching Trump for that exact same reason, though it makes me afraid it would only make me more upset and then.. broken dishes everywhere!

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  5. The very idea that anyone could possibly support that man is simply beyond my comprehension. I will admit, however, that his ridiculousness is a source of some amusement. One thing that really nags at me though…how can someone with so much money not invest in a less horrendous head of hair?

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  6. I have one friend that openly admits to adoring Trump. If there are others they don’t say it. I seem to have more friends that favor Bush and Carson. Personally, I’m with Sanders all the way. I don’t find the Trump crowd fascinating but frightening. How long have these people been waiting for someone “who’s saying what we all want to say but are too afraid?” What else are these people “too afraid” to say?

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    1. One of the most true things I’ve recently read is that Trump is a condemnation of ourselves. Trump might be adding tons of gasoline to the fire, but he didn’t invent this bigotry. If anything, we can thank Trump for helping to reveal how far we truly still have to go as supposedly enlightened people.

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  7. I also find the Trump followers fun and the whole campaign a bit over the top, but if society has taught me one thing, it is that persons are smart and The People are stupid. Just like in the past elections were most delegates were chosen from the Republican side, because many persons did not vote; it could happen again. Remember that the fanatics always vote. Moderates and undecided, who are the mayority, tend to skip voting. The People are tired of politicians and just based on that, they might choose Trump. In other countries the People chose dictatorial governments because they were tired of political oligarchs, just to end up with dictators who also did nothing and also screwed The People over. Is Mรฉrica smartererer?

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    1. People are tired of politicians and I have heard that as a reason: Moose’s orthopedist is a Trump supporter for that very reason. And it’s baffling: sure, politicians have proven themselves untrustworthy, but are they so untrustworthy that Donald Trump seems like a better alternative? Amazing. And I have to admit that although I have only been eligible to vote in one presidential election so far, I have used apathy as an excuse. Not this year though! Thanks for you thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

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