Saturday Songbird: Congress, F#%k You Very Much

This past week, our lovely US Senate passed a bill that would not only defund Planned Parenthood, but also repeal the Affordable Care Act.

This decision did not pass by a landslide. Thankfully, it will be vetoed on Obama’s desk post haste. It only won by 5 votes, but it can be enough of a margin to screw over millions of people. And for that, we dedicate this song to you, short-sighted, narrow-minded, backwards people of Congress.

Goddamn that song is catchy.

[Rage and listen to other editions of Saturday Songbird.]

11 Replies to “Saturday Songbird: Congress, F#%k You Very Much”

  1. When I found out about this I was so angry. How dare they try to control women’s bodies like this. How dare they try to take away what is for some people their only way to health care, especially sexual health care. I don’t know too much about politics, but I do know that this is seriously messed up!

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        1. As pessimistic as Moose and I tend to be, we do have faith that the American voting populace will not elect an idiot like Donald Trump. It might be a slim margin, but I don’t think we could really stomach doing something quite that blatantly atrocious. Clinging to that faith…

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  2. I have been screaming since the inception of the so-called “tea party movement” in 2009 that the republican party has no concern for the welfare and well-being of the citizens of this nation, and I think this proves my point. Americans need to wake up and realize that the current batch of republicans in Congress, as well as the clowns who are vying for the GOP nomination next year are determined to abolish anything that helps the citizens, such as affordable health care, educational benefits, reasonable increases in minimum wage, women’s health services, labor unions, and the list goes on. It is too bad that while they are calling for “smaller government”, they have forgotten the purpose of government altogether. Most of those in congress at this time have a single agenda which is to do everything in their power to go against any legislation proposed by President Obama. Anything and everything, regardless of purpose, reasonableness, etc. I sincerely hope that Americans “wake up and smell the coffee” before next November!

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    1. How ironic that many Republicans claim they want “smaller government” and then go ahead and actually further intervene in people’s healthcare decisions. Democrats aren’t perfect either, but damn- Something foul in the Republican party! Thanks so much for your thoughts, Jill!


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