Throwaway Thursdays: Wanna Learn Something New (& Cool)?

[Throwaway Thursdays: Why throw back when you can throw away?*]

Browsing through Medium today, I came across an article with a list of a few dozen websites containing material with which to edify your brain:

The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New | Medium

You may have already heard of many of these like Skillshare, Duolingo, and TED-ed. So much educational material there, which makes it all the more depressing as I’m dwelling on it all now. In this era of vast information accessibility, it seems a waste that we [read: I] spend so much time on our [read: my] devices watching Conan O’Brien clips and flipping through vacuous Buzzfeed listicles.

I’m a super senior in my final year in an undergraduate program that really shouldn’t have taken this long. I work part-time as a box office assistant – “patron services representative” – and have no specific prospects for my future. I’m one of those damn lazy millennials, so the Internet tells me. I mean, I should have mastered Mandarin and all the Romance languages by now, have learned how to play more than 2 full songs on the ukulele, and be able to know how to program freaking Flappy Birds, for goodness’ sake. Nearly every day, I read about people like this guy who’s 2 years younger than me becoming proficient at a new skill every single goddamn month. What is a 22 year-old gal to do?

Certainly not despair too deeply.

As Bill Nye wonderfully said “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” So simple. While this isn’t an excuse to laze around and vegetate all day, e’ry day, it is a reason to calm down. As a child raised by an Asian mother with high standards – bless her heart, she made me who I am, for better and worse – I’m still recovering from that desperate need to obtain conventional “success” at the sacrifice of my own mental and emotional well-being.

So does everyone have to learn how to program in C, fix a car, or have the ability to recite the entire history of the Holy Roman Empire at the drop of a hat? Of course not. The pressure’s on, but most of it is contrived, built up from all the tiny voices we were raised with. Check out some of the websites in that first link. Or not. Either way, you’re no worse off than you were yesterday.

Treat Yo Self Tom Donna Parks and Recreation | The Lonely Tribalist

Treat yo self to some knowledge, cupcakes, or whatever you like. Have you tried any of the online sources in the list? Have you ever taught yourself something (successfully or not)?


*I don’t know why I’m keeping the name “Throwaway Thursdays.” This post was originally meant to be a “throwaway” with nothing more than a link to the Medium article and a pithy suggestion to check it out. I’ll keep the title until I find something better. Damn lazy millennial brain.

10 Replies to “Throwaway Thursdays: Wanna Learn Something New (& Cool)?”

  1. Wow, that 20-year-old dude really bummed my self-esteem and buried it 5 feet underneath the icky mud where it’s been laying on for 16 years. But I want to look at this on the bright side. I’m sure that Grooms guy doesn’t know the latest Conan clips.
    He surely cannot.
    Just…that’s impossible…

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    1. *sigh* Seems nothing is impossible for that guy. If he wanted, he could become an expert on Conan, on his life’s story, style of comedy, and be able to right a dissertation on Conan’s philosophy of life and comedy. *sigh* Gonna watch more Conan clips now.

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