Giving Thanks: Getting a Leg Up on Life

Drumroll please.

McLovin Silly Tummy Stomach Drumroll | The Lonely Tribalist

The Moose has his leg back!

Yesterday, we made our last – well, fingers crossed that it’s our last – visit to the orthopedic doctor. We were jittery from the anticipation (and from over-caffeination). But the appointment lasted less than 30 minutes. Mr. Cute Assistant swooped us into one of the patient rooms, slid over the vibrating saw, and sliced that fiberglass sucker in half.

Moose Vibrating Saw Fiberglass Cast | The Lonely Tribalist

We were half expecting his leg to emerge in a dank, rancorous explosion of sweat, baby powder, and dead skin cells. It was a lot less exciting than that.

Moose Cast Off Healed Leg | The Lonely Tribalist

Look at that face. Is that the face of one big happy deer or what?

And the craziest part of it all is that the bone doesn’t look exactly as we had expected it to.

Broken Healing Leg X-ray | The Lonely Tribalist

The doc says it looks fantastic, though, and that Moose definitely won’t have a limp after about a year. The alignment is great. All Moose needs to do is work out his leg (slowly and surely) and not break it again! He’s already walking around like pretty much like normal. And we discovered that he’s just a tad shorter – only just noticeable – in his healing leg. So there’s that.

And so ends the broken leg saga. After 13 weeks and 4 days, we’ve made it through yet another journey in our relationship. It was damn difficult sometimes, as tensions would run tight and tempers high. There was yelling, there was crying, there was much discussing. And that was only within the first couple of weeks. Now, 95 whole days later, we’ve made it through to the other side! Not gonna’ lie: we both held each other with tears of cathartic joy when we got home from that appointment.

So today and tomorrow, we are giving bushels of thanks to one another, to the glorious evolutionary mechanisms of the human body, and to the magical forces our rational minds deny exist that helped make this a successful recovery.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone (if you partake). Otherwise, have a safe and happy November Thursday!

What are your plans for tomorrow? Large get-togethers? Small ones? Loud? Quiet? 

Michelle & Moose

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