You’re My Liebster (Aside: Lobster’s DON’T Mate for Life)

If you didn’t get that hilarious title, acculturate yourself here and here. [And sorry (not sorry) to burst the bubble of any “Friends” fans, but lobsters don’t actually mate for life. It’s a lot less romantic than that, unless you’re a fan of golden showers.]

Here we are again, where I pretend to shit all over blog “awards” and then proceed to comply with all the rules of the game, taking the opportunity to showcase a handful of blogs I’ve had the pleasure of reading. This charming third time around, Theresa Jane over at It’s My Write nominated Moose & Michelle for a Liebster Award. You know the drill, folks. The rules:

  1. Thank the nominator with a link back to their site and/or post.
  2. Idolize the Liebster logo.
  3. Answer the 10 questions and pass on 10 more questions.
  4. Spread the love around to other bloggers! (And, almost goes without saying, notify them of this honor).
Liebster Award - Black and Pink | The Lonely Tribalist
Behold: the almighty Liebster!

[Remember: being “nominated” does not obligate you to participate. I find these fun to pass along, but it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea – and that’s okay! If you don’t do blog awards, just know that I personally am enjoying your blog and that’s that.]

The nominees (in no particular order):

Half Strokes of Luck: KT has been through a lot and she blogs about it in a refreshingly authentic and vulnerable way. Featured post: “Some of My Post-Stroke Sex Life Truths”

Fabulous With Glitches: Motivationally sassy? Sassily motivational? A little bit of both gives you Lennon Carlyle’s very real blog. Featured post: “Monday Eve Essentials”

Danelle Talks Feminism: Feminist humor. Need I say more? Yes – the way in which she replies to dissenters is thoughtful, level-headed, and all around admirable. Featured post: “Starbucks Cup Controversy”

Gigglepig Slappyhams: Frank and fun, Ms. Slappyhams is a great comfort to read. I can nod my head in commiseration at the hardships of ethical nonmonogamy and I can laugh and smile at her lovely stories and positive outlook. A joy to read (and one helluva blog name). Featured post: “Along Came Poly”

quiet in a world of chaos: A fellow awkward introvert, Lauren is all sorts of relatable (and funny on top of it all) and it’s always nice being reminded that I’m not completely alone in not knowing what I’m going to do in the “real world” after this college experiment is over. Featured post: “Freak Out Friday: Being Alone”

FAZIANA.: “Student. Blogger. Reader of all words. Eater of all foods. Not one to be messed with when hungry.” I wholly connect with all these things. If you do, too, (or even if you don’t) go check out her lovely blog. Featured post: “Finding Your People”

tendrilwise: I’m not an avid fan of poetry, but Jenn’s work is so accessible in their bite-sized forms that I want to huddle into a beanbag with a mug of tea and consume her poems line by leisurely line. Featured post: “Joyfire”

Theresa Jane’s 10 Questions:

  1. Describe yourself using 3 adjectives. BBW: big, beautiful, walrus
  2. What scares you the most? The Republican Party
  3. What makes you happy? The Republican Party
  4. What motivates you to continue blogging? The Repub- just kidding. Mainly fame and fortune. Partially a feeling of fulfillment in exploring life with a wonderful partner and getting to share these explorations with a corner of the world. But mostly fame and fortune.
  5. What do you think about cyber bullying? It sucks. I don’t know what else I can say about it – except that bullying is merely a symptom of a much larger societal illness. Hell if I know exactly what the overlying diagnosis is. Dammit, Jim. I’m a blogger not a doctor.
  6. Can a man and a woman be best of friends without falling in love with each other? Can a cat and a dog be best friends without killing one another?
  7. If you had to give your child/future child advice about life, what advice would you give? On your 18th birthday, go buy a lottery ticket with these numbers…
  8. Do you think a college degree is necessary to become successful? It depends on what your definition of success is. For some people, yes. For others, no.
  9. Which would you prefer to have, a relationship with an older partner or with a younger one? Michelle: an older one; Moose: a younger one. Well, would you look at that – our wishes were granted!
  10. Are white lies okay? White lies make the world go ’round. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar.

My 10 Questions (anyone can feel free to answer in the comments, too)

  1. Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?
  2. Who’s your opposite sex crush? (Opposite sex of the sex you’d usually crush on, that is.)
  3. Here are the keys to my 1999 Ford Taurus. What do you do?
  4. Favorite joke (or any joke, clean or dirty, all fair game)?
  5. Do you own a pet that isn’t a dog or a cat?
  6. Second deepest darkest secret. Now.
  7. Here’s a ticket to anyplace in the world and anytime time. Where and when do you go to?
  8. Any suggestions for a cheap at-home meal?
  9. Voulez-vous chouchez avec moi?
  10. Favorite show (TV/Internet) currently or recently?

The point of blog awards like the Liebster is to discover new blogs and foster blogging community. Because of this, I encourage you to snatch up this award badge and spread the liebe even if you weren’t officially “nominated.” If I had the time, energy, and patience, I’d link to the gazillion different blogs I’ve enjoyed reading in the past few months. So thanks again, Theresa Jane, and keep spreading the love!

Friends - Rachel and Ross - You Are My Lobster | The Lonely Tribalist

If you’d like to plug your blog, feel free to leave a link to your main page or to a post you’re particularly proud of (or not proud of, even better). Reblog and/or don’t forget to link back!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Moose & Michelle

14 Replies to “You’re My Liebster (Aside: Lobster’s DON’T Mate for Life)”

  1. What? What? Yo! Seriously? I’m floored that you shared my blog and nominated me. My blog is pretty much me talking to myself and sometimes I hear crickets but every once in a while someone comments and makes me smile. For this, I’m just fucking elated. Thank you my sweet, rad, funny, sarcastic friend. Didn’t think I noticed did ya? You’re like related to me somehow I think, we’re a bit alike wouldn’t you say? Why am I rambling and typing a fucking paragraph? Ha! Peace out! Thanks again! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay for fucking paragraphs! You make me blush. You’re quite welcome. I like reading the thoughts you care to share and I think others can get a kick out of it, too. We must have some sort of psychic *cough*sarcastic*cough* connection or some shit like that. Yeah, let’s go with that. Stay awesome.

      Liked by 1 person

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