Update: What About the Hand Lotion? (Reaching 300 Followers)

[Hint: It’s a masturbation joke. Because these posts are onanistic, amiright or amiright?]

Well, it’s been a little over 3 1/2 months since the inception of this blog. We’re a little behind our goal of accruing 100 followers a month, but that’s all right. We don’t need validation from empty stats and people we’ll never meet. Those are for plebes.

Belle beauty and the beast suspicious incredulous GIF | The Lonely Tribalist

Eh, we can’t even keep a straight face re-reading all that. We love collecting followers in our little corner of the Net. We’ve had a jolly good time interacting with you folks and perusing your lovely blogs. And we look forward to doing this more and more! 300 today, 3000 tomorrow!… After we finish binge re-watching House MD. And ordering things on Amazon. And getting distracted by videos of people doing crazy things.

[This is mainly an excuse to post about nothing, which we seem to have been doing a little more than usual recently. And the hand lotion joke is taken from the amazingly irreverent and somehow alluring Umbilical Brothers.]

Thank you thank you Sherlock GIF | The Lonely Tribalist

With the holidays approaching, we’d like to express our thanks for your tolerance, patience, and continuing acceptance of our silliness. As we continue to explore and refine our voice, we hope to see more of you – new and old – in the months to come.

As a token of our gratitude, for a bit of motivation to wind down your weekend and jumpstart your week, here are some creative ways to flip an ostrich of a bird to all the things that suck in life.  

Fellow Plebes, AKA Moose & Michelle

8 Replies to “Update: What About the Hand Lotion? (Reaching 300 Followers)”

  1. Congratulations on the big 3-0-0! I started in 2007 and still have only 90+ followers! Until recently, I haven’t posted regularly, and my posts are probably a bit too serious for most people. While I would love to have a larger audience, that isn’t very likely, as I post 3-5 times a week (my average post takes several hours of research and thought), and … well, I do what I do, so I am happy with my elite little following. Just a week bit jealous of your numbers, though! Again, congrats!

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    1. Thank you! Everyone blogs for different reasons. The serious and the controversial are worth writing about! You definitely should be proud of your following (a bit biased, as I recently became one of them 😉 ). Thanks again!


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