Promoting the Arts Through, Well, Art(?)

The ballet company I work for is moving to a new location. The current building they’re housed in is an old bank that will be demolished within the next year to make way for the next wave of gentrification of this quadrant of Portland.

Because of this, my supervisors encourage me to draw on the walls. These are the fruits of my labors so far.

Office wall graffiti art | The Lonely Tribalist
Fancy walrus is ready for a romantic ballet.
weird open mouth bald guy office wall graffiti art | The Lonely Tribalist
I can’t take credit for this one. A co-worker birthed him.

This is Michelle’s life in half a nutshell.

Do you enjoy graffiti-ing on walls public or private? Have any silly art of your own to share? Link it in the comments, if you please.


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