JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS: Flip-Floppy Weather

Just one of those days when…

  • You can’t be arsed to tie shoe laces or find any clean socks,
  • So you put on flip-flops instead-
  • Despite it being November in Portland, Oregon because…

Fall November feet and autumn leaves | The Lonely Tribalist

… Look at my field of fucks. See how it is barren.


Conan horrified suprised interested GIF | The Lonely Tribalist

5 Replies to “JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS: Flip-Floppy Weather”

    1. Aren’t those leaves so beautiful?! I used to hate flip flops as a kid – something about the strap between my toes bugged the hell out of me. But now all I wear are flip flops. I probably won’t start wearing respectable shoes until the absolute dead of winter 😀


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