Home Stretch: Introducing the Saw!

The tibia-fibula-pride recovery saga continues!

After 6 weeks in a full leg fiberglass cast, Moose was set for yet another orthopedic appointment. The office was extra busy that day and he was one of the last appointments. We barely saw the doctor, as we was rushing from room to room in his private practice and he only has one assistant (the cute guy from last time). This was making Moose uneasy, as he hates hospitals and is extremely irked by the impersonal nature of practicing medicine. He has had bad experiences in the past, one of which involved a doctor that wouldn’t even look him in the eye as he was trying to determine whether or not Moose was crazy.

[Several years ago, Moose had gone to a hospital to get his wrist checked out, since it had been receiving a sharp pain for a few days. This was shortly after a pretty bad relationship saga that was finally tapering off. Moose told the doc that he thought he might be having psychosomatic pains from the experience with that girl. This caused the no-eye-contact doctor to ask “So you believe she is hurting you with her mind?” It went downhill from there.]

The doc’s assistant attended to Moose, gave him an x-ray to make sure his leg was healing great (which it was) and, after some more waiting, was able to begin working on Moose’s cast.

Both of us had only a vague clue of how casts were removed. A friend told us about how they apply a saw directly to the cast. We were flabbergasted and intrigued. No buffer between the cast and the delicate limb? We had to know the truth!

With great humor, the assistant turned on the saw and showed it to us. It’s not a just a rotating bandsaw. It vibrates. This allows the saw to cut through hard surfaces, but remain harmless to soft surfaces, such as skin. Moose and I touched the rapidly vibrating saw with our fingers. Quite amazing.

Fiberglass cast vibrating saw | The Lonely Tribalist

But there still are horror stories. There is a reason the protocol is to saw the cast down the sides of the legs, not down the front against the shin. The skin in front of the shin is so thin (hey, that really rhymes), that once that saw makes contact against the shin, it can immediately begin slicing right on down into the bone. That just gave me chills imagining that. Fortunately, this lovely assistant was more experienced than that and proceeded to free Moose from his fiberglass prison…

Moose at the doctor's office broken leg | The Lonely Tribalist
Right: Freedom!

…to be replaced by a fiberglass prison half as bad. Yay for fall colors.

Moose new half leg cast | The Lonely Tribalist

And because Moose is weird – and who are we kidding, we’re compatibly weird – we kept his now-empty cast.

Fiberglass empty full leg cast | The Lonely Tribalist

We’re perfect for each other. 6 more weeks in the candy-striped half cast. That was about a month ago. As of today, Moose will be completely cast-free within the next two weeks!

Michelle & Moose

5 Replies to “Home Stretch: Introducing the Saw!”

  1. Poor Moose! Looks like they could have just cut the top part of the cast off. Saving the old cast, however is a good idea, as it looks like it would make a great Hallowe’en prank next year! It’s the right colours at any rate. Heal quickly, Moose!

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    1. We had thought about it and the assistant said we could probably do that and then the doc separately said that he’d give him a whole new cast. And then we decided on giving the leg some air and slough off some of that yummy skin before encasing it for another 6 weeks 😛 And thank you!


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